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Closed Permanently

We wish to thank you for all of your support and most importantly, all of the love you have shared with us for these beautiful animals. It's on to the next big adventure :)

You can still visit our herd at Morning Beckons Farm!


A long long time ago in a land far away called Colorado, Colin attended the National Western Stock Show. While looking for ideas for an article he was writing on retirement he met a lady who was showing alpacas at the show. The curious cuddly animals held great appeal for him and a long discussion ensued. The lady suggested to him to visit Daryl Goodrich at Angel Woods Alpaca Farm in his home of New Jersey. A great friendship began and in November of 2013 when Daryl retired, Colin and his wife, Joy, bought the farm.

Present day...

Since taking over ownership of the farm, Colin and Joy have worked hard to to spread the name and brand of Highland Airs Alpaca Ranch throughout their community as well as becoming very active within the online alpaca community. They have found success within the show rings, expanded their herd size, held events for the community, and made some fantastic friends. Colin and Joy, they have become diligent students when it comes to proper and responsible care for their alpacas and everyday feel fortunate to have taken a risk on joining the alpaca community. The joy they get from caring for their alpacas is equal to love that they feel for each and every one of them.

Looking to the future....

HAAR are going to be very focused on the production of high quality fiber. Having a science background, they are very interested in joining the ranks of other pure fiber enthusiasts and will be breeding and gearing their herd towards these goals. They will continue to play host to events for their community, look to expand their store and of course, never go a day without loving their alpacas unconditionally.

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